Barak Durani Construction Company (BDCC) was established in 2005 in Kandahar, Afghanistan. BDCC provides unified engineering and construction services, including vertical and horizontal construction and electrical engineering. BDCC is ranked among the leading firms in the industry, and has successfully completed some of the most challenging and high-profile projects in Afghanistan. BDCC specializes in road and bridge design and construction and is renowned for its quality of service, safety, and on-time and within budget delivery of projects. BDCC has a team of professionals with extensive experience in project survey, design, quality control, technical consultancy, and project and operations management. BDCC provides full-service capabilities for any type and any size of project. We are able to manage any project especially roadway construction projects.  In general, we have the ability to plan, design, build, upgrade, expand, and renovate infrastructure and facilities. From the outset, we apply our experience and knowledge to integrate safety, constructability, operations & maintenance, and other important elements into each project.  As a result, we increase effectiveness, improve speed to market, resolve stakeholder concerns, streamline complex project delivery issues, maximize scope within cost constraints, and create lasting value for your endeavor.

Barak Durani Construction Company. has a vision to broaden its activity base to diversify into other infrastructure disciplines, achieve an effective growth to our community and to be recognized as a company of Excellence in Engineering and Construction.Our ambition is to create value for our customers and for our society as a whole. We measure success over time and performance on more than just economic and financial results. We also look at how our projects meet the needs of users and the broader community, as well as considering their environmental impact and contribution to the development of both local and wider communities. The Company has established its ability to deliver quality achievements within budget and schedule and assist our clients in making their dreams become a reality.

We support a culture within our company that will generate quality-minded employees and top-quality performance. We will seek to amaze our customers by integrating our total quality process throughout our company, we will become the premier provider of construction services, and our customers will be astounded. By continuously improving our performance, we will work to provide our customers with outstanding project performance. We will gain distinction through quality. Our customers can be assured that BDCC . will put the systems in place to allow continuous quality improvement.We are totally committed to achieve high standing for BDCC. And build long-term relationships based on integrity, performance, value, and client satisfaction and to make sure that this total quality process is successful. We will continue to meet the changing needs of our clients with our quality services delivered by our most qualified and professional staff.

In short we can say that our mission is:

  • Undisputed leadership in Engineering & Project Management.
  • Providing solutions and services with high level of professionalism.
  • Profitable growth.

Our performance always based on these three words.




We believe in humanistic values. Trust, respect, solidarity, the primacy of people over systems, the simultaneous recognition of individual initiative and teamwork, the fundamental principle of worksite excellence – these are the values that guide our actions and behaviors and are central to the identity of a group of entrepreneurs.

  • Commitment and Responsibility
  • Competence and Rigor
  • Integrity
  • Sustainability
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Solidarity and Cohesion
  • Maintain safe and healthy working environments

We struggle a variety of issues daily while trying to keep up with ever-changing market conditions and demands. At minimum, we face intense price competition, demanding customers, shortages in top talent, and fluctuations in labor and materials costs, low profit margins, and cash flow crunches. And we’re never in full control of all these issues, even if we believe we are doing everything right, sometimes, something will go wrong that could negatively impact our business. The result is that many of us live in usual crisis management and survival modes and remain frustrated that we’re not earning a fair return for our efforts. As a construction company, our top priority is to win new and repeat business that can sustain the operation and lead to long-term stability and success. To accomplish this, we are enthusiastic and committed to deliver top quality and efficient service, at a desirable cost, and to the satisfaction of our customers. Achieving success is not very easy. It needs a good and strong management and a great deal of planning and hard work to start, grow and stabilize a business, deliver consistently, and survive in the market and to achieve this target, talents, skills, energy and resources are required to push it toward success. We repeatedly and time to time review our skills, abilities, interests, financial position, personal and business priorities and goals, and confirm what resources are required to support our efforts and identify ways to improve project margins, cut overhead costs, manage cash flows and anticipate cash needs. We communicate with projects and office staff regarding this process, build their cooperation and teamwork, and assign staff members to head up implementation.