The last few years have brought both challenges and changes for Barak Group Of Company. We adopted a structure that allows us to be a more competitive business and market player. The ongoing economic and social changes have required the focused attention of all our employees to improve performance and position us for success among the competitors and no matter what kind of projects we encounter. We’ve made excellent progress, but we have more to do. We will continue to take decisive action to strengthen and grow our company in a sustainable way. As we instantly navigate the short-term challenges, we will not lose sight of our long-term vision to manage and deliver superior sustainable solutions to the market. In fact, our management team approved a new sustainability strategy that potentially increases the number of commitments and targets we intend to reach in the coming few years. We have been taking a leading role in providing general contracting services with uncompromised commitment to quality, safety and environment. We  do  this  through  the  combination  of  an  open  relationship  with  our  employees based on mutual trust, transparency, accountability  and discipline. In preparation to meet the growing market demands for diverse construction works, Barak Group Of Company has heavily invested in employing a highly qualified senior management and professional technical team and staff to meet international standards to participate in upcoming, challenging and large-scale projects. We are working tirelessly to improve ourselves to meet the needs of our clients. We are rebuilding our identity and brand image. For being proud of our achievements, we will continue to further enhance our commitment and capabilities in the construction industry with integrity and strive for business excellence.

Mohammad Shoaib Barak

General Director