Qarizada Salt & Tomato Paste Factory

Discovered in 1941, the 10 kilometers wide and four kilometers long salt mine named Dawlatabad is the biggest in length the Dawlatabad salt mine is the biggest salt mines in Faryab province of Afghanistan. The mine has been contracted to Qarizada group of companies for fifteen years. Currently the factory extracts 150,000 tons of salt per year. The company is one of the biggest job creators in South West of the country, the company employs over 5000 people from three key districts in Farybab province from from September through November every year. These five thousand workers earn enough money to spend for rest of the year and wait for another round work at this salt mine.  The reason why the workers are employed for three months in a year is that the mine is a residue mine, the springs water pour into the mine area and stays for nine months. At the end of ninth month, the water would settle down to earth, because the springs dry up and thus the lake has no more water coming into it. This is when the workers are employed to extract salt from the surface of the land. The salt extracted from this mine is unprocessed and is of three grades, A, B and C. Grade A and B are processed for human consumption while grade C is used in animal products, construction and others.  The company provides good paying jobs for workers that they can survive for nine months. The company, additionally, provides business in the area of retail market, processing of salt, transportation and others.  The company plans to establish a high quality refinery plant in Mazar province of Afghanistan. The plant will be able to process 10 MTs of salt per day and will be create more jobs and economic activity. The company is then planning to export high quality salt to central Asian and Arab countries. The company will be investing up to $10 Million in order to establish this high class refinery plant in Mazar.

Address :

Kabul Office :House Number 3168, Opposite to takya Khana Zainabia, street 6, Qala-e- Fathullah, district 10, Kabul-Afghanistan  .

Kabdahar Office :Opposite to Tarnak Bridge, Airport Road, Daman District, Kandahar Afghanistan  .

Mazar Office :Qarizada Salt Co, Shadyan Industrial Park,PD-1 Mazar-e-Sharif- Afghanistan .

Phone :+93(0) 799 405 730  &  +93(0) 780 009726